The Brown Family Foundation

About Us

The Arthur and Tiia Brown Family Foundation is a small private foundation established in 2008 by Art and Tiia Brown.  Creating this foundation was a purposeful decision by Art and Tiia with the intent of giving back some of the blessings they have received.  Faith and education were the pillars of their success so they want to offer scholarships to students that are pursuing a college/university education from a Christian institution. The 2010-11 school year was the first year of scholarship offerings. The Board of Directors is comprised of immediate family members.  The Brown Family Foundation concentrates its scholarship offerings to those students residing in the states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana.

A Message from Art and Tiia Brown

Tiia and I with 2 very young daughters arrived in the USA on June 26, 1967.  We were alien residents in America, our newly adopted country.

Of course we were appreciative!  I had been offered a job but we had no home, no furniture and enough money to get us to the first paycheck.
My how we have been blessed over the past 54 years being able to partake in the riches, both personal and financial that this great county has to offer. 

Today we are grateful that God has put us in a position to give back some of what we've been given.  To share joyfully with others so that they too may pursue their dreams and become effective conduits through which will flow talents and other resources to help fill the needs of the generations that follow.
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